A Modern Home Needs a Whole-Home System

A Modern Home Needs a Whole-Home System

A Modern Home Needs a hole-Home System

Wi-Fi is the foundation of today’s home. Some people would rather go a day without running water than a day without Wi-Fi… wouldn’t you? 

But asking a single router to cover your entire home in Wi-Fi is like asking for a light bulb in your living room to light your master bedroom. Like light, Wi-Fi has trouble covering long distances and going through walls, especially high-speed AC signals. 

This means our homes are plagued with dead spots so you can’t use the latest connected devices wherever you want. Good luck getting signal to the camera watching your driveway, or the Wi-Fi speaker on the patio, or your kid’s bedroom where they’re trying do their homework. 

Whole-home Wi-Fi coverage requires a whole-home system, and eero is the first product to bring enterprise-grade coverage to the home with simple setup and easy management. 

eero is the world’s first whole-home system powered by mesh technology. 

eero uses the latest AC technology and is backwards-compatible with all previous standards 

A single eero works similarly to the best Apple Airport, Google OnHub, or Netgear Nighthawk. But peak AC speeds only reach short distances, so a single router can’t provide fast Wi-Fi to more than a few rooms. 

And compared to enterprise-grade routers, eero delivers a sleeker design, better Wi-Fi range and a simpler mobile app setup process at a more reasonable price point. 

What’s different about eero is that you can place multiple units throughout your home. This means you’re always close to a signal source and have the strongest, fastest AC signal possible everywhere in the home. 

In a third-party test, eero delivered strong, fast Wi-Fi coverage to 3x the area reached by a leading premium router. 


How it Works 

Super Easy Setup 

Installation is a breeze. Simply download the eero app from the App Store or Google Play. The app will guide you through setup and placement. 

You don’t have to configure anything with a browser. No more typing in long, obscure IP addresses just to change a password. 


Wireless Mesh Network 

Once set up with the mobile app, eeros automatically connect to form a wireless mesh network that covers every corner of every room in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. eero optimizes your network to work best with your home’s layout and connected devices. 


Smart Security, Always One-Step Ahead 

eero protects your network and the devices on it with WPA2 encryption – bank level security. And with constant updates from the cloud, every eero will always have the latest security patches and features, meaning that even as threats emerge eero stays one step ahead of other networking products. 


Simple Mobile App 

You don't have to be at home to control your network. You can manage the network from anywhere in the world. 


eero vs. Range Extenders 

Most people rely on range extenders when looking to improve the Wi-Fi in their homes. Unfortunately, these extenders are at best a Band-Aid solution, providing a fraction of the throughput of a system. 


Range Extenders 



Limited to a Single Hop 

Since existing routers and range extenders both use older, unchangeable protocols, you can’t daisy-chain them. 

Multiple Hops 

eero allows for multiple hops to relay signal to hard-to-reach dead zones with minimal speed loss. 


Decreased Throughput 
Extenders typically have a single wireless radio, which has to communicate with devices and relay data from the router at the same time, this instantly cuts throughput speed in half. 

Full Throughput 
eero contains two radios to prevent any throughput loss. 

Network Switching 

Manual Switching Between Networks 

Extenders create a new Wi-Fi network name (or SSID), which requires users to manually switch networks as they move around their homes. 

Single Network Everywhere 

eero creates a single Wi-Fi network (SSID) throughout your whole home, so you never have to switch networks. Your devices are always connected to the same eero network whether you’re in the garage or master bedroom. 





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