Amazon Glow - Discover a new way to safely connect with your loved ones

Amazon Glow - Discover a new way to safely connect with your loved ones

Amazon Glow is an innovative video call device equipped with an 8-inch screen
and an innovative projector to give you the freedom to share interactive content
on your table and let you cooperate with other users.

But let's be clear: Amazon Glow is not just a simple device for video calls. It was
intended as a tool to encourage remote physical interaction to make family
members feel closer to each other even when far apart for reasons of force


A family-friendly Revolution

Amazon Glow was also appositely designed for your little ones, as a way, to
make video calls more engaging and child-friendly: Glow will allow you to see
your loved ones on the screen, while you can play games, read a book, or solve
puzzles together thanks to the projector.

On the child's end, an 8-inch display can project an interactive gaming space
onto a wide silicone mat. Amazon’s innovative video device is also supplied with
a video screen that shows the adult on the other end of the call.

Amazon Glow interactive formula allows to read digital books, play chess,
checkers, memory, and many other games, perform creative activities with
coloring books and virtual stickers, and experiment with animations and sounds
designed to stimulate curiosity in kids. The module can also scan objects to be
reassembled digitally into a puzzle.


Designed for Safety

Amazon Glow and its app can be easily set up from all your favorite Android or
iOS devices, so kids and their grandparents will be able to enjoy special activities together in a safe way, even during these difficult times. However, it is possible to play with Glow even without someone on the other side of the screen.

Obviously, strong parental control features are also included in Amazon Glow -
the same as all Amazon Kids products. Parents will be able to see who their kids are contacting, to disable cameras and microphones on the device, and even to pre-approve the contacts that can reach and be reached by their children.

Thanks to these features, Amazon Glow is appropriately designed to provide a
safe virtual space for your kids and family.



Amazon Glow is a must-have if you are concerned about helping your kids bond
with their distant family members and loved ones such as grandparents in an
interactive and engaging way, with the ability to enjoy games and books together, but you are also worried about their safety and hence want a device with excellent parental controls and kid-appropriate content.

At Totality Solutions, we are sensitive to your family-friendly safety needs: for
more innovative ideas to keep your family safe, click here.

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