7 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Every Day And Live In A Safer Neighborhood

7 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Every Day And Live In A Safer Neighborhood

When a stranger breaks into your home and takes away what you treasure the most, you're left with an overwhelming sense of intrusion and violation. You don't feel safe anymore, not even inside of your own place. Every little noise will startle you, maybe you won't be able to sleep without leaving the lights on.

With more than 3 burglary crimes every second and an average loss of $2,661 for each burglary, how can you make your house safer, dissuade felons and avoid huge losses? We'll try to provide you with some practical advice.

1. Make your house look inhabited

Thieves will carefully inspect your neighborhood before acting and will decide to strike empty-looking houses first. Lights off all day and a full mailbox will catch their attention for sure.

If you're going to be out for a few hours, leave your lights on or turn the TV up. If you're planning on going on vacation, you could ask a neighbor to empty your mailbox instead and use a timer to turn your lights on or off.

If you own a smart speaker, you can also turn your light and your tv on at different times every day: this way, felons would never suspect you're using a timer.

2. Give thieves a hard time

Thieves will need time and an easy path to break into your home. The more difficult you will make for them to approach your house, the less they will be tempted to start this endeavor in the first place. Block access with fences and thorny bushes under your windows. A good CCTV system with movement sensors will make the difference between a happy thief and a mocked felon.

3. Highlight their plans

Every self-respecting thief loves operating from the shadows. This is why you should light up the outside of your house. Motion sensor lighting is a practical solution, since they are simple to install but still effective.

Be careful and make sure the lights are not signaling any potential access point, making them an open invitation for eventual felons.

4. Check every access way

Doors and windows are not the only gateways for break-ins: many thieves find their way in through cellars or garages. These access points are often underestimated, but they represent an objective risk.

5. Don't post your vacation plans on social media

Sharing your holiday pics on social media can boost your self-esteem, and you might feel eager to share with your friends the excitement of a long-awaited trip. But, how many of those "friends" did you ever meet in person? Besides, chances are that everyone could potentially learn you're not home if you never checked your profile privacy settings.

6. Keep a record of all your valuable items

In case you will end up getting robbed in spite of everything, it's important to have a punctual record of all your valuables for when police will get involved. Moreover, it will be easier for you to get consistent compensation from your insurance company.

7. Have a professional security system installed

The final touch in getting your house secured and protected is having a great professional security system installed. In the first instance, the alarm's noise is an excellent way to dissuade any interested felon. In addition, they increase exponentially the chance of the thieve getting caught. An anti-theft system will detect every kind of house intrusion and report it to law enforcement. It's also possible to manage the security system from your smartphone and receive immediate notification in case of an emergency.


Each house has different weaknesses and will need a different intervention. There are many factors to consider if you want to understand what system is the most indicated for your own place. Maybe you are a pet owner and don't want your alarm to be triggered every time your cat goes out. Maybe your neighborhood is generally safe, or perhaps you live in a dangerous, theft-prone area instead. This is why you should always consider asking for a professional inspection before making any decision.

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