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Cable Matters

Cable Matters 100 Pack Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plugs for Solid or Stranded UTP Cable

Cable Matters 100 Pack Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plugs for Solid or Stranded UTP Cable

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Brand: Cable Matters


  • Cat 6 RJ45 connector terminates unshielded twisted pair cable for making a custom-length Cat 6 Ethernet cable; Supports 24-28 AWG round or flat stranded wire with an outside diameter up to 5.4 mm
  • Crimp style Cat6 pass-through connectors terminate solid or stranded cable with a three point staggered contact to provide a secure connection; Simply feed the wires through the openings in the pass thru RJ45 connectors and crimp the connector for a faster termination with less effort
  • Category 6 performance rated for a Gigabit Ethernet channel compliant network; Backwards compatible with Cat 5e stranded or solid cable; Gold-plated contacts on 8P8C network connectors provide superior transmission and resist corrosion for a Cat6 cable
  • Cost effective 100-pack of Cat6 connectors provides enough connectors for a large project or multiple small jobs; Construct multiple patch cables in the perfect length for router, patch panel, or workstation applications with this crimp connector; Cat 6 crimp connectors are compatible with Cable Matters RJ45 Strain Relief Boots to protect the clip from accidental damage and bolster the integrity of the cable
  • Convenient jar storage container protects and stores the Cat6 RJ45 modular connectors until your next project; Screw-on lid with an integrated handle makes it easy to carry the RJ45 ends along to the job site; A lifetime warranty is included with these RJ45 plugs for peace of mind when purchasing

Details: 连接更多电缆和Cat 6网络产品 DIY 或 PRO 接插线 Cable Matters Cat 6 RJ45 通过模块化插头提供一种简单而精确的接合 UTP 绞合电缆的方法。 为家里或办公室的任何千兆以太网应用创建长度合适的接插电缆。 端接实心或无屏蔽双绞线电缆,24 至 28 AWG,外径最大为 5.4 毫米。 高性能连接器,终身保修 镀金触点结合清晰坚固的外壳,为千兆以太网评级网络提供可靠的性能。 这些连接器提供终身保修,产品支持可在购买时放心使用。 规格 - RJ45 8P/8C 母头带 50 微米镀金接点 - 等级类别:猫 6 - 兼容 24-28 AWG UTP 电缆,最大 5.4 毫米 - 与止应力靴兼容(B0049QNV3E) 包装内容 - 100x RJ45 Cat6 通道模块化连接器 - 1 个可重新密封的容器(含说明) 保修 有限终身保修和终身产品支持

EAN: 0818707025734

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches

Binding: Personal Computers

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