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Dome by Elexa

Dome Home Security Siren - Wireless, Z-Wave Plus, Customizable Alerts

Dome Home Security Siren - Wireless, Z-Wave Plus, Customizable Alerts

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Dome Home Security Siren: Advanced, Customizable Protection

The Dome Home Security Siren offers unparalleled safety for your home. This wireless, Z-Wave Plus certified siren allows you to customize your security alerts with 3 volume levels (up to 105 dB) and 10 different alarm chimes for various scenarios such as home intrusion, door openings, and more.

Smart Integration

Easily integrates with Z-Wave home security system hubs and other components, including motion detectors and door/window sensors, to provide a comprehensive security setup.

Versatile Use

Reminds you if doors/windows are left open, and can be combined with a security camera system for enhanced intrusion alerts.

Install the Dome Home Security Siren effortlessly without wires, anywhere in your home, and enjoy a low-profile yet highly effective security solution.

Key Features of Dome Home Security Siren

Customizable Siren Volume: Choose from 3 levels up to 105 dB for tailored alerts.

10 Alarm Chimes: Select distinct sounds for different types of alerts.

Z-Wave Plus Compatibility: Works with various Z-Wave hubs and sensors.

Door/Window Reminder: Alerts if doors or windows are left open.

Security Camera System Integration: Enhances overall home security.

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