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Echo_Show 8 (2nd Gen) Adjustable Stand | Glacier White

Echo_Show 8 (2nd Gen) Adjustable Stand | Glacier White

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Optimize Your Echo Show 8 Viewing Experience

Introducing the adjustable stand for the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) - the perfect complement to enhance your device's usability. This magnetic, easily tilt attachment is designed to secure snugly to your Echo Show 8, allowing for seamless adjustments to the viewing angle.

Ergonomic and Aesthetic

Experience the ideal viewing position whether you're on a video call, watching a movie, or just browsing. The stand's color is perfectly matched to your Echo Show 8, ensuring a sleek, integrated appearance without sacrificing quality.

Versatile Adjustment

Easily tilt your Echo Show 8 forward or backward to find the perfect angle for every use case. Upgrade your setup now and enhance every interaction with your Echo Show 8.

Note: Echo Show 8 sold separately.

Key Features for Echo Show 8 Adjustable Stand

Magnetic Attachment: Securely fits the Echo Show 8 for stability and ease of use.

Adjustable Viewing: Tilt forward or backward to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Color-Matched Design: Aesthetically complements the Echo Show 8 for a seamless look.

Enhanced Interaction: Ideal for video calls, movies, and more with adjustable angles.

Ergonomic Setup: Improves the usability and comfort of your Echo Show 8 experience.

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