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FIRST ALERT Hardwired Wireless Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor and Battery Backup, SA521CN-3ST

FIRST ALERT Hardwired Wireless Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor and Battery Backup, SA521CN-3ST

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  • Help keep your family safe with this hardwired smoke alarm that wirelessly interconnects with other First Alert–enabled alarms to create a home safety network
  • Equipped with photoelectric smoke sensor optimized to detect larger smoke particles produced by smoldering fires; helps minimize the number of false alarms
  • Wirelessly connect up to 18 First Alert enabled alarms for the maximum in whole-home protection
  • Hardwired alarm includes 2 AA backup batteries for continued monitoring in the event of a power outage
  • Includes test/silence button, low-battery warning, EZ access battery door
  • First Alert has been the most trusted brand in home safety since launching the first residential smoke alarm in 1958 (Based on a First Alert Brand Trust Survey in February 2018)

Details: "The First Alert SA521CN-3ST (Model SA520B) Wireless Interconnect Integrated Smoke Alarm links the alarms throughout your home. This 120VAC hardwired wireless detector with battery backup integrates single alarms into a system. By adding Wireless Interconnect battery powered alarms elsewhere, when one alarm sounds, all alarms will be notified. Easily link alarms with the press of a button. The RF Interconnect technology continues to provide a reliable and secure radio frequency communication between Wireless Interconnect alarms. This technology features 915 MHz frequency with 65,000 security codes, and three (3) channel frequency hopping. The unit is compatible with an assortment of First Alert wireless alarms, which includes the SA501CN-3ST (SA501B), SA501CN2-3ST (SA501B2), SA511B, SA511CN2-3ST, SA520B, SA521CN-3ST, CO511B. SCO501CN-3ST (SCO500B), SCO501CN2-3ST. Photoelectric smoke sensor reduces nuisance alarms. Easy access battery drawer: no need to remove an alarm from the ceiling to change battery. Includes 10-year limited warranty. Meets UL standards. Note: This product is intended for non-professional do it yourself installation. If you would like information about a professionally installed and monitored system, please contact First Alert Professional at 1-800-921-6025. First Alert Professional is not affiliated with BRK Brands, Inc. "

EAN: 0029054002051

Release Date: 02-05-2007

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.7 x 2.6 inches

Binding: Tools & Home Improvement

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