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Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks LIQ-100 LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester

Fluke Networks LIQ-100 LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester

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Brand: Fluke Networks


  • Cable Performance testing up to 10GBASE-T via frequency-based measurements
  • Network features including: IPv4 and v6 ping, nearest switch diagnostics (IP address, name, port / VLAN number, and advertised data rates)
  • Ethernet Alliance certified PoE Verification – Detects the PoE class (1-8) and power, and performs a load test of available PoE from the connected switch
  • Displays cable length, wire map, and distance to open or short 
  • Manage results and print reports from LinkWare PC 

Details: The LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester validates cable performance up to 10GBASE-T via frequency-based measurements. The LinkIQ also provides nearest switch diagnostics including advertised data rate, switch name, port number, and VLAN information, plus Power over Ethernet testing.

EAN: 0754082152163

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 10.6 x 5.9 inches

Part Number: 5226604

model number: LIQ-100

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