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ITBEBE 100 Pieces RJ45 Cat5, Cat5e Pass Through connectors and 100 Pieces White Strain Relief Boots for 24 AWG Cables

ITBEBE 100 Pieces RJ45 Cat5, Cat5e Pass Through connectors and 100 Pieces White Strain Relief Boots for 24 AWG Cables

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Color: 100/100 White


  • ✅ 200-PIECE combo pack includes 100 clear gold-plated Pass Through RJ45 Cat5, cat5e connectors and Bag contains 100 white Pass Through RJ45 Strain Relief. Make snag-proof ethernet connections for your Cat5 data network installations. Only for 24 AWG cables
  • ✅ PASS-THRU DESIGN simplifies terminations as wires are inserted through the connector and out the other side. This frustration-free 1-piece plug seats cable jackets tightly for fast crimps and connections.
  • ✅ ENHANCES SIGNAL INTEGRITY and clarity by reducing the distance between wire twists and contacts. The versatile ITBEBE RJ45 Connectors are compatible and compliant with all Cat 3, 5 and 5e data networks.
  • ✅ REDUCES WASTE by making sequence verification easier. Transparent RJ45 plugs allow you to identify wire sequence, eliminating scrap and improper crimps.
  • ✅ 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures your satisfaction. If you aren’t thrilled with the simplicity and quality of our Cat5e connectors, return them for a 100% refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.


✅ "ITBEBE RJ45 Pass-Through Cat5 Connectors and Strain Relief" are designed for Category 5, 5e and category 3 Networks.

✅ Designed for better connectivity.

"ITBEBE RJ45 Passthrough Cat5 connectors" are cleverly designed. The contacts are gold plated and contain 3 prongs each. When the solid plug is crimped, the contacts bite the wire like teeth. 3 prongs mean three teeth and a more secure contact. The gold plating protects the contacts form corrosive conditions thus ensures smooth data connectivity for long period.

"ITBEBE Strain Relief" is made of high-quality soft material. It reduces the stress, ensures the standard bend radius and prevents over-compression that extend patch cord life.

✅ Works with 24 AWG cables

"ITBEBE RJ45 Passthrough Cat5/5e connectors" are designed to support 24 AWG and higher numbered cables. Though the recommended cable is 24 AWG.

The cable entrance of "ITBEBE Strain Reliefs" is 6 mm.

✅ User friendly

"ITBEBE RJ45 Passthrough Cat5 connectors" are passthrough connectors and super easy to install. Our connectors work with virtually every model of rj45 crimper tool. Easier to unlock, making unplugging from ports less problematic.

✅ Convenient Packaging

"ITBEBE Passthrough rj45 Cat5 connector and strain relief" come with their own top opening cardboard box. To ensure easy retrieval of items, Inside the cardboard box there is a wide-mouth clear plastic jar containing 100 PCS of Cat5/5e connectors and a poly zip bag containing 100 PCS of strain reliefs.

✅ Super compatibility

This kit is Compatible with all kinds of networking devices that supports Cat5, Cat5e, Cat3 Connection, such as: Laptop, Desktop Computer, Router, Switch, CC TV Camera, Smart home equipment, Server, Data Center, Outdoor router etc.

EAN: 0638921905281

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.0 x 2.8 inches

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