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VCE (5 Pack) 3 GHz Gold-Plated RG6 Coaxial Keystone Jack Insert,F Type RG6 Keystone Connectors

VCE (5 Pack) 3 GHz Gold-Plated RG6 Coaxial Keystone Jack Insert,F Type RG6 Keystone Connectors

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Brand: VCE

Color: Gold-Plated 5 PACK


  • RG6 keystone insert provides a secure connection in a wall plate or patch panel with standard keystone jack openings.
  • Running coax cable through a wall, snaps into module patch panels and fits all standard keystone face plate.
  • Provide a protected and professional connection of RG6 cable with an F-Pin coaxial tip and re-usable keystone jack inserts can be easily disconnected and relocated for temporary or long term configurations.
  • Gold-plated RG6 connectors are rated up to 3 GHz for HD video streaming applications.
  • RG59 & RG6 coaxial cable compatible with F-81 barrel connector screw terminals for new or existing installations in home, office, or security data center.

Details: Designed for your home theater, this video TV Keystone Connector allows you to run coax cabling through your walls.
The connector installs into a standard keystone jack mounted on your wall. You can also remove the plastic housing to use the connector as a female-to-female gender changer.

Installation Tip
1. Hook the bottom lip into the cut-out while holding the keystone insert at a slight angle
2. Rotate the insert upward to snap the retaining clip on the top into the cut-out until it snaps into place

- Input: F-81 Coaxial - Gold-Plated Female
- Output: F-81 Coaxial - Gold-Plated Female
- Frequency Rating: up to 3 GHz

Package Contents
5 x RG6 Keystone Jack Insert

Limited Lifetime Warranty and Product Support

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 x 1.0 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

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